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This property situated on Worthing seafront had suffered major wind damage. The rear flint wall over 5 floors had nearly fallen down and the wall had been shored up for nearly 18 months. 

The whole property was propped from basement to the roof using nearly 60 props and the entire wall was demolished leaving the original lathe and plaster inner walls in place.

After consultation with the conservation officer it was agreed that the wall would be rebuilt with flints removed during demolition but unfortunately these had to be painted back into keeping with the surroundings.

Whilst the wall was being rebuilt one complete sash window was replaced and every other remaining complete box sash window was completely overhauled and put back into place square and true as they had become slanted after years of structural settlement. 

The exterior was then redecorated and extra restraint straps were installed on the new inner walls.

Due to works carried out by others and age the chimney breast within the building had become completely detached from the main building itself.

This was propped and then removed and rebuilt , a backing board was installed before the finished wall covering was applied to assist in making it easier for the new tv bracket to be installed.

We have since returned to the property and carried out extensive refurbishments to the basement and returned the front basement area to its former glory after it had been infilled.


It was a satisfying job to have completed and our customers are still very proud of their property.

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